New Technology Enhances the Patient Experience at Community Hospital Long Beach


Finally making its official debut after a three-year-long integration process, Community Hospital Long Beach’s new integrated electronic medical record (EMR) system, Epic®, is here to change the way patients think about health care. Epic® is about much more than technology. It’s about our care teams partnering with our patients and families to provide safe, quality care and a personalized touch.

With the integration of Epic®, CHLB will be electronically linked to the rest of the MemorialCare Health System’s hospitals and outpatient centers.

Benefits of an Electronic Medical Record System

Aside from creating a brand new database, the Epic® system will streamline almost every aspect of health care, creating a more favorable experience for patients and families.

  • Our EMR includes security features that make patient information more secure and private than paper charts.
  • Physician orders and prescriptions are entered into a computer – rather than handwritten – greatly reducing the possibility of transcription errors.
  • Physicians and care teams will use the same system for patient information rather than several different programs and files — standardizing care across the continuum.
  • Epic® improves information sharing between doctors and patients.
  • Patient information — including health history, medications and laboratory results — are easily accessed by physicians and other care team members no matter where you get them done, eliminating the need for patients to repeat information or take duplicate tests.
  • Electronic organization will reduce waste and create consistency.

Improved Scheduling and Orders

Scheduling appointments across clinics will be much simpler with Epic®. Instead of having to coordinate with separate clinics to determine an appropriate schedule time, all clinic calendars will be housed in the same system. This will make it easier for your clinic to accurately schedule a consultation with another department or office.

Physicians will be able to directly send an order to a lab or separate clinic, eliminating the “middle person” taking and passing on orders. Direct access means better communication and faster results for patients and families — providing timeliness and more accurate results.

Increased Data Means Better Health Care

Epic's® embedded analytics can alert physicians and nurses to unfavorable drug interactions or allergic reactions. Care teams can access this information whenever they need it improving their ability to make decisions about your care plan. The system also can be used to track hospital care teams and ensure that they are inputting data correctly.

“With the integration of Epic®, we can more efficiently track the care our teams are providing, in an effort to ensure we are following best practices and administering the highest quality of care,” says Adrian Taves, MSN, RN, director, education, Community Hospital Long Beach.  “The information that is logged into Epic® will help hospital administrators and managers develop programs designed to continuously improve efficiency, quality of care and the patient care experience. Implementation of the electronic medical record  will help us ensure that when a patient visits the hospital all records are up to date, readily available and maintained accurately.”

Accessing Your Information through MyChart®

MyChart® is a program that gives patients access to the same medical records their doctors use through a browser or mobile app. With MyChart® patients can:

  • Review medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history
  • Receive/view test results - no waiting for a phone call or letter
  • Review health education topics and discharge instructions provided by your physician

For patients, physicians and hospital employees, the introduction of Epic® is the necessary step needed to improve patient safety and care.