MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Memorial Welcomes First Patients Into New Todd Cancer Pavilion

Susan Mackinga

The MemorialCare Todd Cancer Pavilion at Long Beach Memorial opened its doors to patients for the very first time on Wednesday, July 17. This marked the final step in a journey that lasted more than 20 months as the Pavilion is now officially open for business.

As patients walked through the doors of the Pavilion on Wednesday morning, the look on their faces didn’t portray fear or uncertainty, but instead there was a sense of hope and excitement in the air.

Susan Mackinga, who was one of the first patients to be treated in the Todd Cancer Pavilion, is currently fighting Fibromyalgia and came in for a routine Mammogram, but she left saying great things about her experience. “This is truly an amazing place and the staff was very energetic and caring,” says Mackinga. “I love the art and all the colors throughout the building as it definitely doesn’t feel like a traditional hospital experience.”

As amazed and excited as the patients were it also was a big day for all the physicians and staff members who have worked tirelessly to make sure that the Pavilion was ready to start offering care to patients on Wednesday in the most calm and healing environment possible.

“Today was a great day for everyone here at the Breast Center and the Todd Cancer Institute, says Sandy Lopez, program director, Breast Center, Todd Cancer Institute. “We were very happy to bring our community a place where patients come not only to get the latest clinical care, but a place where true integrated medicine is happening.”

A lot of new interest and patients have accrued because of the new Todd Cancer Pavilion, but Elayne Shiohama, who has been coming to the Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Memorial for 10 years, knows that today is just the beginning of great things to come. “I have been coming, here, to Long Beach Memorial for 10 years for annual checkups; and I always feel secure coming here,” says Shiohama. “This is such an impressive and peaceful building and I think it will just further enhance the already great reputation for the outstanding care that the Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Memorial has.”

The new 64,000-square-foot Todd Cancer Pavilion is an exciting step forward for cancer treatment in Long Beach. It will be a dedicated outpatient cancer center that will house the many cancer programs and cancer supportive care that the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute offers, giving patients access to all they need under one roof. The Todd Cancer Pavilion will enhance the strong reputation TCI has in Southern California on cancer diagnosis, treatment and research. The Todd Cancer Pavilion will house the MemorialCare Breast Center, Ambulatory Infusion Center, Women’s Specialty Center, Community Resource Center, Cancer Specialty Center, Cancer Risk & Prevention Program and the Integrated Cancer Medicine Program.

“The new Todd Cancer Pavilion is a symbol of Long Beach Memorial’s commitment to our community to provide state-of-the-art cancer treatment to anyone who walks in our doors,” says Cathy Kopy, executive director, Todd Cancer Institute. “The new cancer center co-locates many outpatient cancer programs into one convenient location with a calm, serene environment. It is a place where the whole person will be cared for – mind, body and spirit.  Long Beach Memorial has been taking care of cancer patients for more than 100 years, and we fully intend to be here for the next 100 years, or until we find a cure.”