Tips for Writing Effective Letters

Letters are valuable education tools for elected officials. It is believed that one signed letter holds the weight of 10,000 voters. You can make a big difference when you take action by writing a letter. Here are some suggestions for writing an effective letter:

Writing Dos

  • State the purpose of the letter in your first paragraph
  • Be sure the official’s title and address is correct
  • Be courteous, professional and concise
  • Include examples of how a program has impacted your life
  • Use abbreviations appropriately and sparingly
  • State who you are and why you are writing
  • Confine the letter to one issue
  • Provide the official with a viable reason to support the bill or initiative
  • Restate what you want in the last paragraph
  • Offer support
  • Leave your contact information
  • Say thank you

Writing Don’ts

  • Attempt to give the life history of the bill or issue
  • Stray from the subject.
  • Be overly critical or sarcastic
  • Be combative or argumentative
  • State anything as fact unless you are absolutely certain
  • Include anything about which you wouldn't want to be quoted

Writing effective letters is just one way to build a relationship with your representatives and to Take Action!