Saddleback Medical Center Named One of America’s 50 Best Hospitals by Healthgrades for the Third Consecutive Year

Organization: Service Location: Date:
February, 2017
Awarded By:
Healthgrades America's 50 Best Hospitals Award - 2017

In addition to our 50 Best Hospitals recognition, Saddleback Medical Center is a quality leader in the following areas:

Critical Care

  • Five-Star Recipient: Treatment of Sepsis 2016-2017


  • Five-Star Recipient: Treatment of Heart Attack 2013-2017
  • Five-Star Recipient: Coronary Interventional Procedures



  • Five-Star Recipient: Colorectal Surgeries 2014-2017


  • Five-Star Recipient: Hip Fracture Treatment 2014-2017
  • Five-Star Recipient: Total Knee Replacement 2014-2017
  • Orthopedic Surgery Excellence Award




  • America's 100 Best Pulmonary Care 2017
  • Pulmonary Care Excellence Award 2015-2017
  • Five-Star Recipient: Treatment of Pneumonia 2013-2017
  • Five-Star Recipient: Treatment of COPD




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