Parkinson's Disease Resources


Single copies of the following publications may be obtained free of charge by contacting:

American Parkinson Disease Association Information & Referral Center

Educational Booklets

  1. Parkinson's Disease Handbook - symptoms, causes, treatments; 40-page booklet (English, Spanish, German, Italian)
  2. Be Active - a suggested exercise program for people with Parkinson's disease; 25-page booklet (English)
  3. Be Independent - equipment and suggestions for daily living activities; 22-page booklet (English)
  4. Speaking Effectively - speech and swallowing problems in Parkinson's disease; 34-page booklet (English)
  5. Good Nutrition - 20-page booklet (English)
  6. Young Parkinson's Handbook - 78-page booklet (English)
  7. Aquatic Exercise for Parkinson's Disease - 20-page booklet (English)
  8. My Mommy Has PD But It's Okay! - for young children; 20-page booklet (English)
  9. PD "n" Me - an insightful look at PD through the eyes of patients and families written from personal experiences; 69-page booklet (English)

Educational Supplements

  1. Caring for the Caregiver: Body, Mind & Spirit
  2. The Family Unit & Parkinson's Disease
  3. The Fine Art of "Recreation & Socialization" with PD
  4. Medical Management of PD
  5. Neupro-Opthamology and Vision
  6. Mirapex in Treatment of PD
  7. Fatigue in PD
  8. Healthy Aging
  9. Helping Your Partner
  10. The Challenge of Parkinson's Disease: Adapting To A Nursing Home
  11. The Living Will & The Durable Power Of Attorney For Health Care
  12. Why Parkinson's Disease Patients Should Not Got To The Emergency Room
  13. Hospitalization Of A Parkinson's Patient
  14. Comtan: Extending The Benefits Of Levodopa
  15. Dr. Andrew Weil's Recommendation For Healthy Aging
  16. Oral Health Care
  17. Medications To Avoid
  18. Basic Information About PD


  1. Managing Parkinson's - Straight Talk & Honest Hope - Especially for newly diagnosed Parkinson's patients and their loved ones.

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