American Parkinson Disease Association Information & Referral Center

Those diagnosed with Parkinson's disease are presented with unique challenges. It requires effort and tenacity to understand and manage a chronic, progressive condition. Those living with Parkinson's disease have important questions to be answered and concerns to be addressed at various points on their journey.

For instance, it is necessary for individuals to know where to gather information about their illness. In addition, they require effective tools to access the health care system in order to obtain sound medical treatment and care.

Those afflicted with Parkinson's disease also need to understand how the disease will affect family, work, and social relationships. And these individuals often want to be aware of the impact Parkinson's disease will have on their life plans.

The American Parkinson Disease Association, (APDA) has a long standing commitment to provide those dealing with Parkinson's disease, whether as patients, family members, or health care providers, with "grassroots" assistance. This mission has fostered the evolution of a strong national network of support groups and Chapters run by devoted volunteers.

To further complement its outreach, American Parkinson Disease Association developed the concept of Information & Referral (I&R) Centers. In 1974, the first of these Centers was opened in New York. American Parkinson Disease Association currently provides funding for the operation of 62 of these across the continental United States.

The Centers are strategically located throughout the country and hosted by academic medical centers, community hospitals, neurology practices, and other pertinent agencies. Physicians experienced in the delivery of care to those with Parkinson's disease serve as medical directors. And, in order to ensure the vibrant, day-to-day operation of a Center, the APDA has a dedicated cadre of I & R Center Coordinators who help "Ease the Burden" of Parkinson's disease.


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