Cancer Risk & Prevention Program at Orange Coast Memorial

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Orange Coast Memorial is pleased to offer genetic counseling as part of its Cancer Risk and Prevention Program.

Cancer Genetics Consultation

Is appropriate for individuals who have a family history of:

  • Cancer diagnosis at an atypically young age (usually less than 50 yrs.).
  • Multiple primary cancers in the same family member. 
  • The same type of cancer in two or more close relatives. 
  • A pattern of related types of cancer in family members. 
  • Certain rare cancers or tumor types.

Cancer genetics counseling is a one to two hour consultation with a genetic specialist.

Cancer Genetics Counseling Includes

  • Construction of a medically focused family tree.
  • Individualized cancer risk assessment based on personal history, family history, and/or genetic testing.
  • Explanation of how genes are inherited and the difference in risk and occurrence between hereditary and sporadic cancers.
  • Determination of appropriate and available genetic testing.
  • Decision making assistance that weighs the risks and benefits of genetic testing.
  • Discussion of the ethical, legal, and social.
  • Implications associated with genetic testing.
  • Interpretation of genetic test results and residual risk.
  • Consultation with referring physician.
  • Development of an individualized screening and prevention plan.