John's Mended Heart

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Heart Disease

On a hot summer day in 2010, John was rushed to the emergency room at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in San Clemente. Within seconds, doctors and nurses set him up with tests, IVs and X-rays and determined he had suffered a heart attack. He was immediately transferred to Saddleback Memorial – Laguna Hills to utilize the state-of-the-art cardiovascular catheterization lab (cath lab). While in the cath lab, Michael Gault, M.D. was able to clear the blockage and insert a stent. John spent his recovery in the intensive care unit where he feels he "received amazing care from the nurses and staff in a great facility." Several months later he had two more heart attacks, and was eventually fitted with an internal cardiac defibrillator to regulate his heartbeat and give him the "shock" to restart his heart should he suffer another attack. Each time he came to Saddleback Memorial, he said the staff was always amazing, but noticed that some of the patient rooms were starting to show their age.

According to John, "Having spent much time at Saddleback Memorial, I know first-hand that an updated healing environment makes a difference in a patient's recovery and that's why I support this fundraising project. As one who has gone through a lot, I am still here to talk about it. Get your checkbook out as these funds are clearly needed, and yes I do donate – they saved my life!"

Featured physician:

Michael J. Gault, MD

Medical Director of Cardiology at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center
  • Cardiology, Internal Medicine