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  • Personalized Care Since 1924
    Personalized Care Since 1924
  • Leading Mental Health & Wellness Care
    Leading Mental Health & Wellness Care
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services
    Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
    State-of-the-Art Technology

Community Hospital Long Beach has been providing warm and personalized top-quality medical care that its patients have come to treasure and trust since first opening its doors in 1924. Serving the greater Long Beach area with 24-hour emergency services and intensive care, Community Hospital Long Beach offers state-of-the-art imaging, cardiovascular diagnostics, mental health and wellness, women's heart screenings, occupational medicine, diabetes services and more.

We’re Reinvesting in Your Emergency Department With a Total Renovation

Community Hospital Long Beach is continuing to re-invest in its community with a $1.25 million renovation of its emergency department, which will help improve patient care and safety, decrease wait times and increase the number of patients that can be seen.

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MOMS Knows Best

MOMS Knows Best

Making sure employees are healthy is an around-the-clock job for employers.

The 5 W’s of Cosmetic Surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, almost 16 million cosmetic and six million reconstructive procedures were performed in 2015, a combined three percent increase from 2014.