Why Is it Important to Support California Hospitals?

California hospitals serve our communities in many ways. We exist to treat, educate, and heal our patients, their families and the community at large. Together, we can create sound, fiscally responsible public policy.

Reasons why you should support hospitals:

  • Hospitals reach out to their communities, creating wellness programs and other educational efforts that foster a healthier society.
  • Californians expect the latest in health care technology, but the expense of purchasing newer and better equipment is rarely reimbursed by health care insurers or government programs.
  • Our population is growing older; hospitals are expected to meet the increasing demands of an aging society
  • Hospitals treat the emergency health care needs of the more than 6.6 million Californians without health insurance. Hospitals shoulder most of the cost of caring for the millions who are underinsured.
  • Unfunded mandates are causing financial strain on many local hospitals, some of which have been forced to close or restrict services, without public support and advocacy, this serious trend of hospitals shutting their doors will continue.