What is Grassroots Advocacy?

“Grassroots advocacy” may take several different forms. There are many choices for you to Take Action!

  • Self advocacy - Speak up for an issue affecting yourself or your family
  • Case advocacy – Help someone deal with a complicated government related issue
  • Public education – Teach the community about a cause
  • Administrative advocacy - Respond to a government agency's proposed changes
  • Legislative agency - Partner with an organization such as MemorialCare to influence a legislator's vote through our face-to-face meetings, letters or testifying

Why get involved and Take Action!? Here are a few reasons:

  • Philanthropy is not enough to support California's hospitals and health care system. MemorialCare's quality services are often greatly affected by public policies. Together, we share an obligation to ensure health care policies which are both fiscally responsible and responsive to community needs.
  • Advocacy has a role for everyone. You can be a great advocate for health care by informing others, writing letters, meeting regularly with your elected officials, or helping behind the scenes. Whatever your talent, there is an important role for you to play.
  • Some issues require a broad-based approach. Your grassroots advocacy can work in partnership with a larger, public campaign.
  • Government policies affect everyone. Local, state and federal laws affect all aspects of our lives: health care, housing, education, taxes to name a few.
  • Democracy is not a spectator sport. Staying informed is just not enough. We have to decide what we want from our government and engage our elected officials so they can work more effectively.
  • Our elected representatives are people just like us. We must educate our representatives on a very personal level to help them understand how an issue will affect our lives, families and businesses.