How to Get Involved, Stay Informed and Take Action!

In the new age of technology, it has become easier to learn about health care issues, read differing positions and apply them to our lives. Log on to the State of California’s Web page at, the state senate at, or the state assembly at In addition, there are dozens of news agencies that have made researching any issue as easy as a click.

Once you’ve studied an issue, and have determined for yourself the best course of action, you have options of communicating with your representative and educating them.

  1. You can write a letter. MemorialCare has some very easy letter writing tips for you.
  2. Call your representative. Our elected officials and their staff members pay attention when a constituent takes the time to place a call. In a concise manner, let them know who you are, your concern and what action you hope they will take.
  3. Visit your representative face-to-face. Legislators may be visited in either their Capitol, or local offices. Often, you will be limited to 20-30 minutes per visit – you’ll need to make the most of your time